Anchor Church

Port Adelaide

Join us this Sunday

10:30 am Sundays

24 Quebec Street
Port Adelaide, South Australia

We believe that the church is how God is primarily establishing His Kingdom on Earth. We long to see God continue to grow His church in Port Adelaide.

The vision of Anchor Church Port Adelaide is to see the glory of Ephesians 3:10 lived out here in the Port—people from all backgrounds unified in their worship of Jesus Christ!

This vision has led our young church to be active in areas such as prison ministry, schoolies, and community debt relief as we seek to bring all people together through the Gospel and to the glory of Jesus.

What to expect


At our church service, we sing gospel based songs to fuel our worship. These songs uplift our spirits, connect us to our faith, and deepen our relationship with God.


During the sermon, the younger kids have the opportunity to go to Sunday school where they can learn about God and His teachings in a fun and interactive way. Meanwhile, the older kids gather together to learn a catechism.

The Word

Expository sermons are powerful tools for unpacking the meaning of biblical texts and conveying the insights and wisdom they contain. In conjunction with reading the bible and prayer, they enable individuals and communities to deepen their knowledge of God's word and to develop a deeper relationship with Him.


We offer a coffee cart that serves various teas and coffees, providing an opportunity for fellowship before and after the service.

What we believe

Anchor Church affirms the Reforming Catholic Confession, which can be found here. All people must affirm this confession if they are partners of Anchor Church.

What's on


We run a couple discipleship groups each week. Come along on Tuesday morning or Wednesday night to study the bible, ask questions, and get to know each other better.

Worn Again

Pop in to our op-shop during the week.

Men's and Women's Events

Other Events

Check out our calendar for other events coming up or get in touch so we can let you know or send reminders.